Your Projects

Project Aid

We will fund individuals or organisations up to £1,000 on Carnival Arts projects. 

1. Do you qualify? 

Projects should embrace our core values to support and deliver excellence in Carnival Arts. We do not fund individual bands for their participation at Notting Hill Carnival

2. Tell us about your project

Please provide a short summary of your project, what you want to achieve and why? Who will engage; how will people engage; how will the project reach people? Who is involved in the idea, eg:  other artists, organisations, schools and colleges.

3. When is it happening?

Tell us what the start and end date of your project.

4. How much support are you looking for?

We need to know how much you are applying for and what this will achieve (this must be less than £1000).

5.  Your application

Please provide us with all of the information, including your contact details below. In the first instance, we will send you a confirmation of receipt.

Apply here

    Subsidised Spacehire

    We offer subsidised spacehire to Carnival Arts organisations who share the same values and meet our criteria. Please apply below.