Little Carib Dance Theatre Workshops

This is a unique opportunity to join members of The Little Carib Theatre Dance Company in workshops during the week preceding their shows (3rd – 6th August). The workshops will focus on Horton Technique and Folk Dance, and promises to be unmissable!

Horton Technique
Lester Horton created this wonderful codified modern technique which forties, strengthens and stretches the body in preparation for it’s use as an instrument for expressive dance. With Horton every muscle of the body is lengthened and each section of the body is isolated. This style is architectural! The technique is based entirely upon corrective exercises, created with a knowledge of the human anatomy; it will correct physical faults and prepare a dancer for any type of dancing he/she may wish to follow, having all the basic movements which govern the body. It is the official technique of the Alvin Ailey school and Company as well as several universities through out the United States.

Folk Dance
West Indian folklore explores the various styles of the Islands showing their similarities as well as their differences. It shows their indigenous culture ( African, Spanish, French and English) in the broadest sense, including the specific racial qualities, national traditions and cultural heritage of all the groups who are an inextricable part of our West Indian society. It’s what has been passed down from generation to generation added to this are elements born of our own creativity.

£10 during preceding week: 3rd – 6th August
To register email ella@carnivalvillage.org.uk